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My Mediterranean Martini

Sorrento Food Tours Martini

Where to find the perfect libation in the land of limoncello? Sorrento, Italy is famous for its lemons but for a top shelf selection of martini’s, server and mixologist Gigi, at Sorrento’s Il Buco Ristorante can mix up a concoction to your liking. A wonderful aperitivo whilst perusing the menu…

Try a twist on the traditional classic martini and opt for what I’m calling the Mediterranean martini or a Gigi special. He starts with Gin Mare, a distinctive herbaceous gin produced in a small fishing village on the coast of Spain that includes, briny Arbequina olives, basil, rosemary, thyme and citrus. Next, he muddles a unique combination of pink peppercorns and cardamon and infuses the gin, then its shaken and poured into an ice chilled up-glass. The aroma of cucumber slice on the rim begged to be bitten, turns out it was more than just a garnish, it was the perfect refreshing companion to the smooth, spiciness of the martini. Salute!

Sorrento Food Tours Med Martini

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