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How to Make the Perfect Negroni & Campari Cocktails

Equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth, stirred and served over ice with a twist of orange peel – the Negroni may be an uncomplicated cocktail but its perfect balance of flavors make it a firm favorite the world over.  In Sorrento, order up a Negroni to start your aperitivo time. But where did it…

Things to do in Sorrento-Easter 2016

  Easter in Sorrento. If you’re visiting Sorrento and the peninsula area this year. Some things not to be missed are the processions held in many of the towns along the coast. “Cristo Morte”, this year’s Processione Del Venerdi Santo is Friday, March 25, around 2:00am…yes a bit early but definitely a sight to see….

Pancetta & Peas Pasta aka Pasta e Piselli

Da Gagino’s is a family operated restaurant in Sorrento and a favorite among locals and tourists. They have a new cookbook filled with family recipes, southern Italian cooking tips and amazing photography of Sorrento’s city sites, as well as, delicious dishes. The Esposito family shares some of its family secrets like the pasta e piselli,…