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Marina Grande’s Best Bites

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Traverse the winding stone stairs from Sorrento’s historic center into the tiny fishing village of Marina Grande and feel like you have stepped back in time. The bay is filled with colorful wooden boats and fisherman still mend their nets by hand. You can’t miss the only dock in Marina Grande lined with yellow and white striped cabins and the Bagni Sant’Anna Ristorante.

This season, Ristorante Bagni Sant’Anna opens it’s dock with Chef Ciro Perna La Torre at the ready. Former chef at a local Michelin starred restaurant, Chef Ciro showcases Sorrento’s freshest seafood with a selection of beautifully presented dishes and flavors to match.

“One of my favorite dishes to prepare is lobster risotto with lemon. The local lemons add intense flavor and adding really fresh ricotta at the end is key to a creamy flavorful risott

o.” Chef Ciro

Sit back on the narrow dock, sip prosecco and enjoy the view of the bay. Tantalize your tastebuds with an antipasto like the seared tuna with sesame sprinkled vegetables, Neapolitan style baby octopus with potato and fresh tomato sauce, or alici marinate marinated anchovies. For anyone familiar with the brown, boney ones from the tin, please do yourself a favor and try the local fresh white anchovies. They are mild, white and tender little filets marinated in a little vinegar and olive oil. In Spain they are a classic tapas dish called Boquerones and they are delicious!

Next move on to a local seafood pasta dish made with paccheri, (meaning “to slap”) a wide tube shaped pasta from the Campania region. So the story goes…when a sauce is added and fills the tubes, it’s believed to make a slapping sound when served or eaten. Another fantastic option is the calamari which is grilled to perfection, served with escarole and lentils or be tempted by the flaky white filet of St. Pietro (John Dory) served over a ricotta citrus puree. Interesting combinations but they all work and they work well.

If you saved room for a little dolce, try what I’m calling the “Vesuvius cake” otherwise known as a molten chocolate or lava cake served with artisan made pistachio gelato. With the Bay of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius as the backdrop what other name would be more appropriate.

If you’re looking for fresh, innovative seafood dishes with a twist, then you’ve come to right place.

It’s a good thing the sun deck with chaise lounges are only steps away…after lunch or dinner you may need one.

Bagni Sant’Anna is open for lunch and dinner.

Tel.: +39 334 6986920

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