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Celebrating “Pasqua” Easter in Sorrento 2015


This year’s Processione Del Venerdi Santo is April, 3, 2015 at 3:00am…yes a bit early but definitely a sight to see. Considered the “white processione”, lasts approximately 3 hours and the “black processione” will commence at 9:00pm.

The Sorrentine Peninsula is one among very few local touristic places that continues to preserve the essence and flavors of the secular community, while embracing the Christian faith of its locals. From Palm Sunday, to the Black night Procession on Holy Friday, which is the most characteristic, the holy week is extremely intense. Meta, Piano di Sorrento, Sant’Agnello and Sorrento, offer the tourists a memorable experience that embraces, history, culture, tradition, and religion.

Holy Friday Procession in Sorrento

The Addolorata Procession, better known as the white procession, is organized by the Archconfraternity of Santa Monica. The procession of the death of Jesus Christ, better known as the Black Procession is organized by the Archconfraternity of the Dead.

The Sorrento white procession begins during the early hours of holy Friday, and finishes at dawn. The members of the procession wear a white garment and a hood covering their faces. This procession represents the Virgin Mary searching for her son who has been condemned to death.
The statue of the Madonna is carried on the shoulders of the  members of the confraternity.
The Sorrento black Procession begins at night, the members of the procession wear a black garment and a hood that covers their faces. The participants walk through the streets of Sorrento while carrying on their shoulders the statue of the body of Jesus Christ. The other members carry symbols of the Passion and martyrdom of Jesus Christ, such as the nails from the cross. This is the oldest procession in Sorrento, and one of the oldest procession throughout Italy.
The procession begins with a band that plays some of the most well-known funeral marches, including Chopin. There is also the choir that is made up of 200 members.

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